FULL Potential, Part One

Alaska. Denali National Park. View of Denali while hiking above the Muldrow Glacier.

Lately I’ve been reflecting heavily upon the “ultimate” power and potential of a mortal. What are we REALLY capable of doing and being? I don’t mean physical potential, like becoming a world class athlete or anything. I mean mental and spiritual potential (which essentially has dominon over the physical anyway). If we had no limiting beliefs, pure faith, a solid-as-steel mindset, an eye single to glorious Truth …what could we really be capable of here in this life? I’m talking about radiating something glorious; working miracles; calling down the powers of Heaven.
Or is this inappropriate even to consider?
Perhaps God doesn’t want us to wait until the next life to be holy and miraculous and powerful. Maybe He wants us to see His face and partner with His glory and work miracles in His name NOW. Else why would we have promises linked to such those “dangling carrots” in the scriptures? If we expect and desire to become celestial and beautiful and loving and pure and powerful in the next life, we’ll probably receive that; as we have been promised we will be judged by and receive the true desires of our hearts. We always get what we desire and put our minds and hearts to…this is universal law.
But what if…what if our hearts burned fiercely with the fire to receive a body full of light in THIS life? What if we had an eye single to parting the veil and realizing ALL of the Lord’s promises in His holy word? Isn’t that what happened with many of the great miracle workers and disciples of Christ in the scriptures? Does God not esteem all flesh equally and extend His promises to ALL? We frequently read about the miracles and heavenly visitations in the scriptures and go, “Well, if I was a prophet or as righteous as him/her, then perhaps I could claim those blessings, too. It’s not my right because I’m not a prophet.”
Hence, the false sense of security and spiritual lethargy that plagues our culture. And worse…the false sense of humility. Is it really humble to neglect claiming the promises of spiritual power? The scriptures say that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10). To a degree, we are prophets as it relates to our personal relationship to God and the stewardship over our mortal journeys. We may not be prophets for a church, but we can be prophetesses in our hearts and homes. We can talk to God and receive information from Him and His angels on many levels. I once heard it said that the veil is only as thick as our level of unbelief or as thin as our level of faith.
The men and women of the ancient scriptures were not perfect. All of them lamented at their sins, their pasts, and their weakness before God. The difference between them and most of us is that they had pure faith. They didn’t see barriers as stopping points, but mountains to move. They absolutely believed no, knew that they could see His face and know Him. They were consumed with a spiritual desire to bring others to the level of joy and exultant peace they felt.
In essence, they claimed their full potential as mortal beings.
The question then becomes, what are the true desires of our hearts as it relates to being holy and spiritually beautiful and powerful and miraculous? Do we really wish to part the veil, claim the promised blessings and recognize our true mortal potential? Or will we be content to just read about it as a miraculous blessing others have claimed?
I propose it is your God-given right as a daughter of Deity – a child of the grand Universe – to claim everything the scriptures have promised. Novel idea, eh?
I read this today and had to share because it is so in line with my thoughts on the subject of spiritual power and potential.
From the essay, “Redefining Our Self” by M. Catherine Thomas:

“A false interpretation of humility and other misunderstandings of Gospel terms can actually disempower us, make us spiritually passive, and render us ever waiting for something miraculous to happen. I have lived a good deal of my life obeying, checklisting, and searching — and wondering where the real power was. I didn’t seem to be really getting anywhere. At what point, I wondered, did one connect with the real power in the Gospel? What was missing? What was I just not getting? It began to dawn on me that the responsibility for power must already be within me. I realized that there had to be a disposition to become powerful and a doing-away with the assumption that powerful is somehow not humble. This mind shift came for me partly through an all-the-way-down-into-the-bones belief in the Lord’s words and His invitation to come to Him regardless of my history or present circumstances.”

It would be truly amazing if daughters of God, en masse, had this mindshift. Maybe Zion would be ushered in sooner? There is more in this essay and there is more I wish to share on this subject, so I have decided to make this “Part 1.” Part 2 soon to follow… 🙂

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