Finding Her

We are all walking around homesick. Missing our heavenly home is the sadness we cannot name, the itch we cannot scratch, the ever-looming “something is missing” emotion we can never pinpoint.

All the daughters of heaven cycle through this regularly. Our spirits intuitively know we’ve been disconnected from some ancient and serene part of ourselves. Finding her (this part of you buried under earth cloaks) is your life quest. Knowing her…an even higher quest.
Depression and disconnection from your authentic feminine self happens when you lack the awareness of how to bring heaven to earth. How to bring light into dark places. How to illuminate the truth and bury the falsehoods.
Imagine living your life free of identity confusion, free of wondering if God accepts you, free of self-blame, free of obsessing about food, your body, your home or your kids’ performances. Rather…weeping with awe at the beauty of life, marveling at the creation of you in profound moments of reticent stillness. Gaping at your glorious destiny.
Knowing who we are is one of the great mysteries of heaven. You will never be able to read about it, or hear it spoken by another. It is so profoundly personal that it must be revealed to you by none other than the Father Himself through the medium of the Holy Spirit.
I’ve heard it said that if we had the full perspective and knowledge of who we really are, we would fall to our knees in amazement.
And why would God want us to find out who we really are? Because the more value you feel for your “self”, the more value you will see in others. He needs women who get who they are so they can heal the hearts of Humanity and usher in, well…heaven on earth.
The disillusionment of the feminine is one of the great tragedies of our time. I believe (because I must!) that it is possible to understand your full eternal significance while you are still in the flesh. The more zealously you seek, the more astounding you will find.
She is there. Time to unearth her.

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