Females Just Want to be FREE

You know that song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun from the ’80s? I’ve never really been a play/barrel of fun/life’s a party kind of personality, but I’ve always really gotten that song. I’m thinking maybe “fun” could best be interpreted as FREEDOM.
We all want to feel free. Our femininity and creativity are huge factors in this. We want to be who we are. Free to go and do what sings to us, embrace what we were created to have and become. Dance in our authenticity. Celebrate our aliveness.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to be that which you truly are.” (Joseph Campbell)

Who we are is housed in the recesses of our hearts as DESIRE. Desires are the tiny seeds planted in our hearts that turn into dreams. We often don’t allow these dreams and desires full expression because of the cultural labels and limits attached to them.
I’m not just talking about our culture at large limiting us, I’m talking about our sub-cultures: our families, our friends, even our churches.
When we heed the culturally-generated lies and don’t honor the desires of our hearts, a part of our soul dies. During this soul sickness, we judge others as they boldly and confidently pursue their dreams. We judge and attack because we secretly wish we could give ourselves permission to pursue our own.
How would it feel to let your dreams all come out, unjudged, unreserved, unabashed? And spiritually allow others the freedom to do the same?
Well…I think that is a loaded question. I mean yes, it would feel absolutely AMAZING – a little vulnerable – but mostly cathartic and wonderful. Are we always supposed to feel wonderful and amazing and fulfilled at all Stations in our lives, though?
Here is where Surrender and Sacrifice come in. There is a perfect season , or Sacred Station, for the dream(s) to be made manifest. While YOU may want it badly, God may hold it in reserve until HE feels it is time for the dream to be born. Sacrificing our will to His is the key to finding the Sacred in the waiting.
Forcing what you want will bring darkness into your life so fast it will make your head spin. The way will be hedged up almost immediately and you will experience disappointment, disillusionment and the like.
Yet, that does NOT mean we stop nurturing those desires. They need to be “held with hope” in our hearts. There is a divine reason they reside there in the first place. I cannot tell you how many women I have met through my speaking and coaching who have disconnected from their dreams – from what is wanted – simply because they’ve put cultural judgment on the desires of their hearts. They have labeled their dreams “unspiritual” because somehow it is taking them away from family or church or community service. These women misunderstand Sacrifice. Sacrifice is not giving up your dreams for an organization or for another MORTAL(including husband and children). It is placing your dreams on hold for only aseason…for GOD.

Know that your dream is considered a “righteous desire” (or NOBLE DREAM) if the fruits of the Spirit are felt while reflecting on it.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith (Galatians 5:22)

If, when you reflect on this dream or desire, you feel the above feelings, it is noble. It is right for you, and you can let go of the judgment of it. Isn’t that FREEING? In fact, God works through your righteous desires to motivate you to carry out your life missions. You need divine motivation – through the medium of your righteous desires – to feed the world in your unique way.
Sometimes the path to realizing this desire or dream is not the path you would have chosen to take. This has happened to me sooooo many times. God has taken me in some interesting directions! Just be ready to ACT when He says to act.
The point is, continue to nurture your heart’s desires, regardless of whether or not you are being called to act on them. They may not have the divine seal of approval for complete expression right now, but that is the beauty of spiritual creation. The Earth itself was created in seasons – in Sacred Stations. God’s pattern is to create things spiritually before He creates them physically, and this should be our pattern as well. There is much you can do to spiritually create your dreams – within your mind’s eye, your pen and paper, your heart’s imagination – before you take one physical step toward their attainment.
I look forward to the day when all of the desires of my heart will reach fulfillment, as I have been promised. When my dreams and desires reach their full expression, inGOD’s culture, I will be living in divine authenticity.
To me, that is total Freedom.

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