12 Sacred Stations of the Feminine Soul, part three

In Part 2 we discussed how Deity seem to organize and assemble things in twelves to achieve perfect balance and structure. Twelve is a type of ordinal fulfillment represented repeatedly throughout heavenly and earthly creations. Including our bodies.
In Part 1 we discussed how energy, or Light and/or darkness, are held in the Sacred Stationsof the body.
The Ancients called these “wheels of light” or, chakras. If you have read about chakras, then you probably know that there are seven generally recognized Stations or centers of Light, ordered this way:

Many people cringe when they see color wheels in a picture of the body. We’re used to Gray’s Anatomy as our reference. This picture (Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Man” that someone has added the chakras to) is not a depiction of some New Age false doctrine, it is simply a representation of part of the physical properties of the soul! It’s got to be fringe and “unproven” if we don’t have a chart of it in medical journals, right? (Or worse yet, the argument that it must be “evil” if it’s not commonly accepted doctrine in church). There is MUCH the majority does not study in church or in biology that is Truth. Just because we aren’t studying gamma rays and the electromagnetic spectrum and dimensionality in church and medical manuals does not mean these fields have no validity!

“Energy” and color are part of the organic nature of our spirits, the unseen, but VERY real. As we talked about in Part 1, there ARE scientific instruments that photograph and measure these color frequencies and energy vibrations within the body. It is not pseudo-science or the supernatural.
This knowledge has been passed down for thousands of years. The word chakra is Sanskrit a very ancient language of India. The oldest written Sanskrit is dated to about the 5th or 6th centuries before Christ’s birth. I believe Jesus Christ had to know about the body’s energy, or Light, centers as He spent many of His formative years near the regions where this knowledge originated. While we do not know if He went to India in his “missing 18 years,” we do know He – just like Abraham and Moses and Joseph before Him – spent considerable time in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians knew much about the human energy system and represented the chakras in their art and architecture. In a later post I will introduce an interesting “point to ponder” with respect to the “Seven Devils” cast out of Mary Magdalene from the Nag Hammadi’s Gospel of Mary Magdalene.
There is a lot of speculation/info floating around about there being not just seven of these centers, but twelve. Most of what I have studied on the twelve chakra Stations is not congruent, in that there is no “set” or generally recognized location order for chakras 8-12 as there are for 1-7.
Our understanding of the soul is ever-changing and evolving. I have taken the liberty to create Twelve Sacred Stations that are uniquely feminine, and not necessarily in the same ascending order as the accepted 7 chakras. These 12 centers of “Light” are representative of a woman’s power, through the Divine, to serve, strengthen and bless…
The Twelve Sacred Stations of the Feminine Soul

  1. Crown: Connection “Knowing”
  2. Mind: Focus “Discerning”
  3. Eyes: Seek “Seeing”
  4. Ears: Hearken “Hearing”
  5. Mouth/Throat: Express “Speaking”
  6. Heart: Nurture “Feeling”
  7. Solar Plexus: Sacrifice “Acting”
  8. Center: Create “Desiring”
  9. Knees: Surrender “Kneeling”
  10. Hands: Heal “Touching”
  11. Feet: Lead “Standing”
  12. Presence: Shine “Being”

I will be using these Twelve Sacred Stations as a basis to explain how the soul/body is ordered as a divine feminine template for joy, beauty, purpose, love, and power.
Especially when merged with our Celestial Compass Rose in the 4 Divine Directions (more to follow on that)…:)

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