I recognize this first post will be cast into cyber-sea, fluttering aimlessly before anchoring where it needs to. Truthfully, if it only anchors ME, it’s accomplished its mission.
My purpose in sharing the deep musings and offerings of my heart through a blog is primarily to secure a personal lifeline to cling to a source of peace, direction and comfort as I try to drown out the screaming voices of the world and connect to the whispering voices of heaven.
Somehow this post has miraculously found its way to your shores (aka yourSacred Station). Out of curiosity, how are the waters? Calm, troubled, raging? Were you last: swimming, floating, splashing, paddling, diving, treading water or drowning?
I’ve done, and continue to do, all of the above methods. You’re in good company.
What to say next as I invite you to join my expedition? Hop on board? Way too happy and cliche. Umm… I think if I was going to stick with cliches, I would have to go with, “Let’s chart a course together.” Let’s explore the Truths surrounding the feminine.
As we let The Captain navigate.

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