Our Children Are Our Teachers

kids 2004 2

These are my babies, 7 years ago this month…at the height of their innocent glory.

In honor of Mothers Day and lessons learned from my children continuing to raise me, I have come up with Twelve Reasons to Learn at the Feet of Our Children:

1) Your child (depending on how old you were at his or her birth) has received at least 20 more years of heavenly training than you did. In my youngest’s case, 32. (Isn’t that the equivalent of like 4 PhD’s?)

2) Your child’s spirit is most likely older than yours. We only know who the Firstborn was, and beyond that, heavenly birthorder remains one of His mysteries. Quite possibly, we are raising little Ancient Ones.

3) Your child holds unique gifts that weren’t as “needed” in your time, and maybe didn’t even exist. His or her training was specific to this generation, and to the exponential growth and “speeding up” of the Earth. (Case in point: how long does it take YOU to figure out computer and techno-stuff vs. THEM)?

4) Your child’s spirit realizes there is much to be done in very little time.  Yeah, we had those spiritual/emotional programs running in our childhoods too, but it’s at a different level for them.  The urgent sense of mission inherent in their generation manifests itself as hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, and multi-sensory perception. Not necessarily ideal traits in a kid, but once they grow into themselves (even if it isn’t until the Millennium)…watch out.

5) Your child cannot understand (nor tolerate) hypocrisy. The Sadducees and Pharisees wouldn’t stand a chance – your kid would see through them just as they see through you. (It’s not like they expect perfection in their mother, only that she walks her talk).

6) Your child’s specific core spirit personality has been sent directly to you as a divine tutorial. Whatever you’re weak in, they will magnify it, simply by being who they are. (A beautiful opportunity for you to open the windows of awareness and healing that you’ve closed in the past).

7) Your child cares less about appearances and more about acceptance. (And how contrary is THAT to how the “natural woman” wants to parent?)

8) Your child will almost always look, think, feel and act differently than you expect. If they were the living embodiment of your dream child, how could the divine mandate of opposition in all things be fulfilled to help each of you grow? (Paralleling that, the Spirit almost always prompts us to do something different than we were setting out to do. Parenting this generation, whose personalities are so foreign to our understanding and comprehension, is a bold walk of sheer faith).

9) Your child is a master at living in the Present. (I believe if you live by the Spirit –in the moment– with a child, you will learn to walk the roads of your highest good).

10) Your child is helping to raise the light levels of this Earth in preparation to receive the Savior. If your child was not here, the light level would decrease that much more. (And to think…the Lord has trusted YOU to help sustain that light as his or her earthly steward)!

11) Your child’s love and acceptance of you, and of all people, is pure and holy. There is a simpleness, a tenderness that resides in their little hearts which holds supreme healing powers. (If you look into their eyes long enough and deep enough, you will discovereverything that really matters, and every mystery revealed. Divine Order manifests itself plainly every time one gazes upon a child).

12) Your child (to quote Jesus Christ) is “the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Topics That Sing to Me

Here are some topics I’ll be writing about, within the order of the Sacred Stations, that sing to me… and beg to be explored:

  • Walking the highest path – the path of sanctification.
  • Understanding the implications of Divine Femininity and the fullness of womanhood.
  • Glorious motherhood.
  • Making the Earth experience joyous and glorious, as it was intended.
  • Receiving what is wanted (the desires of our hearts).
  • Claiming authentic power through becoming One with Christ.
  • Calling forth our beauty, gifts, and personal mission.
  • Reclaiming the lost feminine arts.
  • Acquiring Godly (vs. Worldly) Confidence.
  • Healing depression.
  • Learning how to love without limits.
  • Learning from the Ancient Ones and the Noble and Great Females.
  • Becoming His beloved and chosen.
  • Creating the life we were born to live – the life of our dreams – in a partnership with the Creator.
  • Operating and “being” from our “celestial center.”
  • Understanding and honoring Divine Order.
  • Creating balance as a woman.
  • Using soft power to nurture, influence and heal.
  • Incorporating daily Sacred Routines for peace and centeredness.
  • Giving ourselves spiritual permission to SHINE.


Welcome to Earth

Today I learned of the birth of my little “niece”, Brianna Kathleen.  I have niece in quotes because technically she’s not my niece.  At least not by traditional familial standards.


In my heart, though, she most definitely is.

When my sister Shawna took her life in 2005, she left behind five young children (ages 12, 8, 6, 4 and 2).  Her husband David was completely devoted to her and for many years tried every avenue and available known resource to help her depression heal.  Priesthood blessings, in-patient treatment, 12 Step Programs, clinical therapy, medications and many other forms of therapeutic intervention.  Nothing ever seemed to “take,” which is why I believe Shawna ultimately “took” her life.

It was hard when, within months of Shawna’s suicide, David married a woman named Amy.  I mean, we all understood those children needed a mother and he needed stable love and companionship.  To this day I know that the hand of the Lord was involved in their meeting and marrying.  But it was still very difficult to see Amy in my sister’s stead.

Amy had never been married or had children of her own when she and David met.  We watched her step into that home and establish order and stability with her natural peacemaker-slash-get things done personality.  She was a marvel and a mystery then and remains so to me today.  Shawna’s children now call Amy “Mom.”

Yesterday (four and a half years after their wedding), Amy gave birth to she and David’s first child.  My little – okay, I’ll own it – NIECE.

This picture’s so sweet…such a fresh, straight-from-the-womb-into-this-world snapshot.  Her dad, and my brother-in-law David, posted it on Facebook.

I like to think Shawna was one of the last to spiritually hug this little one before she came down.  I’m sure in their Sacred Station she told Brianna what a special family she was inheriting.

And I’m sure it was a little bittersweet for my sister, too, because it was the inheritance she has temporarily lost.

Personally, I can’t wait to hug them both.

The Two Who Are Missing

I’m about to share something really personal, even Sacred to me.  I wouldn’t normally post such things, but I’m feeling the, “It’s okay, others might need to hear this” prompt from the Spirit.

I am 41 years old and my husband Jeff and I are not done having children.   We thought we were – seven years ago – after our youngest was two and I’d suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.  We figured the Lord had completed our family and the three cherished children we’d been blessed with were it.  I accepted this, even though I’d always wanted more kids, and just went forward with motherhood and my life mission.


A few years after that, the desire to add to our family came back.  Strongly.  I chalked it up my mother’s heart not wanting to put final closure on having children.   Yet, the overwhelming desire would not leave, and Jeff and I both began to receive spiritual impressions that our family was incomplete.  I bought a cute little puppy — didn’t help much.  I looked into foster care and adoption – even went so far as to put start putting dossier paperwork together to adopt a little girl from China – but every time we moved forward in the adoption direction, a door would shut or it wouldn’t feel right.

Then my 6 year-old Sawyer pronounces I am to have a baby and starts praying relentlessly for babies to come to his mommy’s tummy.  I’ve learned to never take what comes from the mouth of babes lightly.  His older brother Noah “prophesied” at the age of 3, that he was getting a baby brother soon.  It came out very non-chalantly at the kitchen table after preschool one afternoon as simply, “Mom, Heavenly Father knows I want a baby brother.”  I was pregnant 4 weeks later…with his brother Sawyer.


So eventually, all spiritual and emotional indicators were pointing towards pregnancy as the right thing to pursue.  I was 38, and Jeff was 39 when we made that prayerful decision.  Our kids were 6, 8 and 10.  I swore I wouldn’t have caboose babies later in life!  My dear Grandmother Mary Lou was pregnant with my mother twice…having a baby at 44 and another at 45.  I grew up thinking that was kinda weird.  Yet – I cannot imagine our family without Aunt Kim Sue (my sister’s age) and Uncle Jeff (my age).

I knew pregnancy was the right course, because proceeding in that direction brought no “stupor of thought” and as we went forward, my impressions became stronger.  I begin to sense, then perceive, then know that there was not just one, but two children waiting to join us.  A son and a daughter.  Looking back, I think I needed to have this knowing or I would have given up on bringing them to Earth long ago.

We tried for two years to get pregnant once the decision was made.  In those 2 years, I held out the hope that they would come, but started to become impatient with the Lord.  It was frustrating and disappointing.    Then finally, at age 40 – last summer – I got pregnant.  We were over-the-top excited.

Then I miscarried at 11 weeks.  So devastating.  I went to the Lord in the midst of my deep grief and asked if I should just “give up” on this whole after-40 pregnancy idea.  I immediately felt a withdrawal of the Spirit upon presenting that to Him, which to me was a strong indicator that I should not give up.  I later received beautiful reassurances – promises – that the desires of my heart would be realized.

I got pregnant again within a few months.  I was SURE that this one would take.  At 7 weeks (2 months ago), I miscarried again.  You can read ALL about that devastation on my February post entitled Loss.

There is so much that I could write about miscarriage and infant loss and what I have learned with respect to why the Lord gives and takes away.  Maybe I’ll expound on another post.  There isn’t room on this one now.  (Why is it that I cannot write short posts?)

boy and girl see saw

Prior to and since the 3 miscarriages, I have filled pages in my journal (3 years running) with longings for these children.  One night the longing was so great that I got out of bed and wrote this poem:

For the Two Who Are Missing: My daughter and son, not yet conceived
Cherie Burton, September 1, 2008

I see you, brave son, standing behind your sister
Noble in your resolute desire to strengthen and protect
The sacred bond which cannot endure separation
In either estate.

And you, determined daughter, reaching forward
In beautiful feminine splendor and swirling clouds of joy
Waiting to join a mortal stage compatible with
The majesty of your mission.

It has been a year since my mind’s eye received you both
Since this mother’s heart knew there were two spots missing
In the joyful family portrait which hangs in her hallway
And graces her soul.

So my feet continue walking with the wondrous gift of knowing
That the stars are moving in alignment and purpose
While elements of body and earth combine with the miracle
Of your perfect creation.

May you see with infinite clarity the purity of my intent
To embrace our Father’s design for this glorious family circle
Accepting –daughter and son of the light– my most humble offering
To be your mother forever.

I’ve entertained the thought that these two recent miscarriages were the boy and the girl I’ve been waiting for and that all they needed was a body in that brief time to serve their mortal purpose as my children.  My mother’s heart beats so strongly, though, for the chance to nurture them, love them, raise them to the Light.  I know He knows this.

So I’ll keep waiting on Him…because I know His promises are sure.